An Actor's Exploration

RTN was created by actor and director David Child who trained at ARTTS International, graduating with an acting diploma in 1994. ARTTS was a multi-discipline film, television, radio and stage training centre based in East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Realising the popularity of English language theatre outside the UK he embarked on presenting small scale productions to audiences with an interest in thought-provoking and experimental writing.


We are now established in the UK as a contemporary theatre company staging productions and drama workshops at venues across England, Netherlands, Greece and beyond!

Our vision is to create imaginative and challenging plays with the aim of making theatre accessible to anyone, anywhere. The concepts are simple, minimalist with focus on characters and story. Using limited resources allows us to adapt to our environment and if necessary perform in any given setting.

Performances and workshops have been taken to Czech Republic and Malta. Previous touring productions include The Fever and Just Passing Through.

An Actor's Exploration

This workshop has been devised for actors to challenge themselves
by working on a wide range of exercises that enable fluidity and focus.

This includes improvisation and freedom of movement. Exploring the emotions of a character and presenting them in a different environment allow for a greater depth of understanding of a production, while at the same time freeing the actors desire to explore their own contribution to the performance.

Over the years, we tend to get into unhelpful thinking habits. Once you can identify your unhelpful thinking styles you can distance yourself from those thoughts, and see the situation in a more helpful way.

These exercises help to free the actor into playing a part with imagination and
expression without rules and limitations. The greatest thing that an actor can portray is intention and emotion.

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