Real Youth Theatre


Starts 1st JUNE 2021

For adults with an interest in speech and drama: new enthusiasts, returning or experienced performers welcome.

We explore all elements of theatre performance such as breathing technique, improvisation, public speaking, confidence building, roleplay and voice training. Actors in Training classes are also planned in JUNE 2021.

Our group is relaxed and friendly with a core aim of sharing experiences. Come along! Classes will be held at a venue tbc soon.

Please contact David via the contact form for more details.

Starting 01 APRIL 2021


 14-17 age group

We are running theatre training courses in Hastings, East Sussex bringing drama, speech and stage skills to secondary school pupils. 

These are fun, practical based sessions exploring all aspects of theatre including Shakespeare, voice training, mask work, comedy, rehearsal process and warm-up tools used by professional actors when working on intensive stage productions.

If you are a school or theatre and would like to book a half day, full day or 1 week  course then please contact us for more information on possible dates in your area. We also offer a 45-minute scripted play for actors to perform as part of the training program.

Our ongoing project whereby the participant becomes both audience member and actor is now a recognised training method. This is Theatre Now®.

The actors decide what will happen, why and how, as what is taking place is totally unscripted. A central character is placed on stage and in turn, or even as a small group, the observing actors adopt roles and interact within improvised scenes.

The centre stage individual then responds to what is happening by acknowledging the approaching participants who, as soon as reaching the stage become part of the production.

The interacting actors have the freedom to come and go as they please but the central character must always remain on stage. It's a marathon in concentration and story telling.​



Please get in touch about our summer courses starting May 2021. The Youth Theatre is a new venture for us!


Email: info@englishstageevents.com

Phone: +44 203 290 4811


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